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Working papers

NICEP Working Paper Series

The aim of the NICEP Working Paper Series is to serve as a platform to present the work in progress of NICEP members and associates/speakers and to encourage debate and discussion on our research. You are invited to email the authors of the working papers with comments and/or suggestions.

NICEP working papers are freely available online to all and downloadable in pdf format.

2016-01: Does Material Hardship Affect Political Preferences? It Depends on the Political Context by Charlotte Cavaille and Anja Neundorf

2016-02: On the Social Appropriateness of Discrimination by Abigail Barr, Tom Lane and Daniele Nosenzo

2016-03: Existence and Indeterminacy of Markovian Equilibria in Dynamic Bargaining Games by Vincent Anesi and John Duggan

2016-04: Dynamic Bargaining and Stability with Veto Players by Vincent Anesi and John Duggan

2016-05: Corruption and Bicameral Reforms by Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa

2016-06: Manufacturing Extremism: Political Consequences of Profit-Seeking Media by Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Kalyan Chatterjee and Jaideep Roy

2016-07: Economic Recessions and Congressional Preferences for Redistribution by Maria Carreri and Edoardo Teso

2016-08: How Much Is That Star in the Window? Professorial Salaries and Research Performance in UK Universities by Gianni De Fraja, Giovanni Facchini and John Gathergood

2016-09: Elections and Divisiveness: Theory and Evidence by Elliott Ash, Massimo Morelli and Richard Van Weelden

2016-10: The Volatility of Volatility: Assessing Uses of the Pedersen Index to Measure Changes in Party Vote Shares by Fernando Casal Bértoa, Kevin Deegan-Krause and Tim Haughton

2016-11: Plaintive Plaintiffs: The First and Last Word in Debates by Elena D’Agostino and Daniel J Seidmann

2016-12: Glass half full? Or half empty? Civil service professionalization in the Western Balkans between successful rule adoption and ineffective implementation by Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling

2016-13: Choosing Your Battles Wisely? Activist Preferences, Party Size and Issue Selection by Chitralekha Basu

2016-14: Labor Market Participation, Political Ideology and Distributive Preferences by Simona Demel, Abigail Barr, Luis Miller and Paloma Ubeda

2017-01: Race, Representation and Policy: Black Elected Officials and Public Spending in the US South by Andrea Bernini, Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa

2017-02: The First and Last Word In Debates: Plaintive Plaintiffs by Elena D’Agostino and Daniel J Seidmann

2017-03: A Shut Mouth Catches No Flies: Consideration of Issues and Voting by Salvador Barberà and Anke Gerber

2017-04: The King Can Do No Wrong: On Criminal Immunity of Leaders by Jiahua Che, Kim-Sau Chung and Xue Qiao

2017-05: On the different forms of individual and group strategic behaviour, and their impact on efficiency by Salvador Barberà, Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno

2017-06: Tactical Extremism by Jon X. Eguia and Francesco Giovannoni


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