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James Rockey

James Rockey, University of Leicester

Associate Professor in Economics
Dr James Rockey holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Bristol. He joined the Department of Economics at Leicester in September 2008 where he is now an Associate Professor. James’ interests in political economics include the political economy of fiscal policy (voter ideology and the size of government, constitutional political economy) and electoral behaviour (political competition with loss-aversion, turnout). Much of his other work has focussed on the causes of economic development (growth econometrics, the effectiveness of industrial policy) and inequality (inequality and demography, gender equality, the long-term consequences of unemployment). His research has been published in journals including the Review of Economics and Statistics, the European Economic Review, and Public Choice.
Davide Vampa

Davide Vampa, De Montfort University

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
Davide Vampa is a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy in the Department of Politics and Public Policy at De Montfort University. He holds a PhD in Politics from the European University Institute, and subsequently spent a year as an Assistant Professor in Quantitative Research Methods at the University of Nottingham. His research interests focus on the link between multi-level party politics and public policy. In particular he is interested in the politics of welfare in decentralised systems. He has also worked on the transformation of local and regional representation in Western Europe. His research approach is intended to demonstrate that quantitative and qualitative methods, rather than being mutually exclusive, can be fruitfully combined to yield ‘a synergistic value’.
Rahime Süleymanoğlu-Kürüm

Rahime Süleymanoğlu-Kürüm

Dr Rahime Süleymanoğlu-Kürüm holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Nottingham. She received her BA in International Relations from Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus. She obtained her LLM degree from the School of Law at the University of Nottingham. Rahime’s research in the areas of comparative politics and international relations focuses on the study of Europeanisation, EU foreign policy, Turkish foreign policy and foreign policy analysis. Her publications appeared in journals such as Political Studies Review and Language and Politics. She is currently working on a project, which explores gender norms and practices in Turkish diplomacy.

Nieves Zúñiga

Dr Nieves Zúñiga received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Essex. Her research focuses on two governance issues: the design and implementation of anti-corruption policies, with special interest on integrity management; and the political recognition, representation and participation of discriminated groups, such as indigenous peoples. Most recently, she worked at the University of Nottingham as a Research Fellow on the project ANTICORRP, funded by the European Union under the FP7 Programme, analysing the anti-corruption policy in Bolivia to identify factors promoting or hindering an effective anti-corruption policy.